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20 Thoughts Every Intern Has
  • Posted:
  • May 6, 2014

Are you getting ready for the end of your semester and possibly starting an internship? Then perhaps you are having some of these thoughts about what’s to come this summer…

  1. Yeah! I got an internship!
  2. But I don’t get paid. Total bummer.
  3. But my resume is going to look so much better now that I can take off camp counselor.
  4. I got paid really well as a camp counselor though.
  5. And now I’m going to have to pay for all this transportation.
  6. I have to get a roommate to support this internship. Ugh.
  7. I hope they aren’t a total weirdo.
  8. But I did find them on Craigslist.
  9. They are going to be a total weirdo.
  10. How much is this internship going to cost me?
  11. Oh cool, I get freebies at work.
  12. Oh, my friends are going to the Hamptons this weekend but I have to work. Double Ugh.
  13. Who will notice if an intern isn’t coming into work today.
  14. I have the best internship. I’m doing more than just getting coffee!
  15. Will they hire me after my internship ends?
  16. I really hope so. Searching for a job sucks.
  17. Went out with the interns last night. They are way cooler than they seem at the copy machine.
  18. Love them. Intern Team Forever!
  19. Do I have to go back to school?
  20. That was fun, let’s do it again next summer.