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3 Reasons You Should Store Your Stuff in NY Over The Summer
  • Posted:
  • April 9, 2015

You may still be glowing in your spring break tan but before you know it, finals will be over and you will need to figure out what to do with all of the stuff you’ve accumulated in your dorm over the last school year.  It doesn’t make sense to pack everything up just to bring it back in two months. But there is another solution – summer storage in New York.

Here are three reasons why you should store your stuff over the summer:

1. You get free packing supplies including boxes, tape and labels. No running to the local office supply store and spending extra money on this stuff …  Or risking packing your stuff in a bodega box that will its suspect grease marks to your (brand).

2. Save your back. With no heavy lifting required, storage team will come to your dorm and carry your packed boxes for transport to a secure warehouse. No lugging a 50 pound box down the hall, through your lobby, and waiting in a long line to send the box back home.

3. Have an easy fall move because all you’ll have to bring back to campus is your laptop and some groceries. When you use summer storage, trained staff will return all of your boxes right to your new dorm. Unpack and you’ll feel right back at home again.

So if you want an easy move out at the end of this semester and an easy move-in in the fall, check out Collegiate Storage and Rental to see the different size boxes we have available for summer storage in NY. Use coupon code NEWSITE to get 10% off until April 15th on storage orders.