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6 Daily Reminders Every Successful Student Needs
  • Posted:
  • October 7, 2014

You are about a month or two in the semester already and you know what that means… time to get comfortable! We are here to tell you DON’T get too comfortable just yet! Many students start off the semester strong, going to class everyday on time, turning in all their homework, going to bed at a reasonable hour, eating well, etc. But once the first month or two passes their motivation level seems to slowly drop…

Here are six daily reminders every successful student should have to help them get over that 2 month comfort zone:

  1. Don’t miss class if you really don’t need to, because there will be a day where you might be super sick and literally cannot get out of your bed. This will be the day, the only exception, of when you can miss class. If you must miss, ask a classmate to take notes for you so you don’t miss out on the important details.
  2. Make sure to continue an organized routine; go to bed at a reasonable hour, eat breakfast before class and healthy snacks throughout the day and prioritize your daily tasks to stay on track.
  3. Continue turning in all your homework in a timely manner or earlier if possible, this can help save time and you can even get started on other assignments, projects or even extra credit!
  4. Remember: there is always something to do. If you feel like you have already completed everything then try reading ahead into a chapter, consider extra credit assignments, or just challenge yourself to a new project.
  5. Keep a good relationship with your professors: You began sitting in the front of the class in the beginning of the semester, so continue sitting in that same spot until the very last day of class! This will help your professors recognize you, and remember to ask questions so they will remember your face. Talk to them after class or during office hours.
  6. Being a good student doesn’t mean you won’t have a life; you just need to prioritize school and friends! Try combining the two together by organizing a study group with your friends, now that’s what we call multi-tasking!

Remind yourself of why you’re here in the first place! Think of college as a small sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness – plus, Christmas break will be here any day now. Hang in there and always give 110%, it all pays off in the end!

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