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8 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Dorm Room
  • Posted:
  • May 2, 2014

That moment when you look around your room and you don’t know where to start….Ugh. We’ve all been there but don’t worry, here are some tips to make cleaning out your dorm actually doable.

  1. Jam out

Seriously, you have got to get into the mood before you take on a big task like cleaning out your dorm. Make it less overwhelming by putting on music that makes you move and feel good.


  1. Piles!

Ever heard of an organized mess? If you section off the stuff in your room by categories, then when you get to packing up, it’ll be a snap!


  1. Throw it out

It’s tough to say goodbye to stuff we feel attached to, but if you haven’t worn or used it in the last year, you’re probably not going to. Just get rid of it! You can find a local goodwill store nearest to you here: . They could use the stuff that you don’t. This means less for you to pack and store later.


  1. Wrap the fragiles

Nothing’s worse than having really nice things shattered in pieces when you open up your box for unpacking. Wrap the glass, and fragiles as you’re cleaning and avoid the anger.


  1. Set goals

Be realistic, it’s going to take some time to clean out your room so set goals for how much you need to get done in any given time frame. Having something to work towards can keep you motivated to continue working when you feel like giving up.


  1. Take Breaks

Don’t tire yourself out and get frustrated, leaving your room in shambles. Take breaks for snacks and relaxing so you can maintain your energy.


  1. Keep a trash bag on hand

Don’t wait till the very end to throw away all of your trash. If you do, it will just feel like another big project. Instead, keep a trash bag on hand so you can toss trash as you find it and it’ll be out of your life before you know it.


  1. Label

It sounds simple, but it’s a big help when you label the boxes and storage bins that everything needs to go into. Not only will it keep you organized, but it’ll be easy for you to find things when you unpack and set up again, whether that’s next semester in your dorm or over the summer back home with your family.


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