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A Unit For Every Student
  • Posted:
  • January 26, 2016

Make your spring semester a tasty one!  Whether you’re a freshman, new transfer, or returning student, preparing for dorm life requires a great deal of planning. Collegiate Storage and Rental can make your life easier, and dorm meals much more enjoyable, with our full selection of refrigerator rentals.

Don’t just eat pantry snacks such as granola bars and chips for dinner! Thanks to Collegiate Storage and Rental, you can enjoy quick and easy meals right in your dorm room! Order our MicroChill Combo which comes with a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. It’s a perfect 3-in-1 unit that every student can use to make easy and economical meals in the comfort of their living quarters.

At Collegiate Storage and Rental, we have a unit for every student. If The MicroChill isn’t something you’re looking for we have various options for you to choose from including our Compact Refrigerator Cube, The Large Refrigerator, and The Refrigerator Freezer unit. Every unit is midnight snacking approved!

Trust the experts at Collegiate Storage and Rental, we will make sure your spring semester of college is a smooth one with our “door to dorm” services!

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