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Collegiate Storage and Rental, located in Garden City, New York, has serviced the academic market since 2009 offering various services to colleges and universities. Through its e-commerce platform, Collegiate provides direct refrigerator rental services to students along with shipping and storage services to more than twenty colleges and universities in the eastern regions.

Storage is provided in our secure and centrally located warehouse, which enable us to easily provide “door-to-dorm” service—convenient pick-up and drop-off of boxes, packing supplies, and boxes heading to be stored or shipped.

In addition, through our University Direct Program, Collegiate provides master refrigerator rental programs directly to colleges along with moving bin rental programs, dorm furniture installation, exhibition hall management, “Move In-Move Out” logistics, and other university-specialized logistical services.

Collegiate is the distributor of Absocold brand refrigeration products to the academic market, including the popular MicroChill® microwave/refrigerator combination appliance in the New York Metropolitan area.

In 2013, Stonehill Business Capital Corporation, based in Melville, NY, completed a private equity investment into Collegiate.

Collegiate Storage and Rental is located at:

570 Brook Street
Garden City‎ NY‎ 11530