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Avoid Hauling Your Stuff Back and Forth
  • Posted:
  • November 2, 2015

Students who do not have a plan for winter break storage will undoubtedly have trouble with the dorm supervisor. Creating a list down the things to do to avoid getting penalized for just leaving your belonging cluttered inside the dorm room will help you out a lot when it comes time to move out. While completing last minute requirements before the end of school year, it would be smart to squeeze some time to figure out the best way to organize everything.

There is no reason to drive for hours heading home with a bulging car and repeat it again when it’s time to go back to school. Several options are now available online to students but before picking any of them immediately, first read your college dorm policy about storage. Not all colleges offer storage space but if there is, make sure to take down notes on the space, handling and security. On the other hand, if there is none, a few clicks online and a long line of options are readily available from Collegiate Storage and Rental.

Collegiate not only provides space but also FREE packaging, pickup, and delivery.  There is also plenty of times for you to take advantage of any discounts offered to students. Having your things boxed and taped up professionally would ensure that all of it would be on the same pristine condition when you get back. Another great way to avoid confusion later on would be by properly labeling each box or pouch.

If you need to schedule storage for the winter break, click here!