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Columbia Students, Are You Ready for Summer Storage?
  • Posted:
  • April 25, 2014

You have all probably been too busy to even think about the move away from NY for the summer. To make your life easier, we’ve put together some important info you should squeeze in before the time comes so you’re not freaking out the day before.

Dates to know:
General move out day is May 17th, (Teachers College-Move out Day on May 22)
Please note: Move out dates may be based on your class year. Check with you housing office to see when you’re due. You can reach housing @ 212-854-1754

Resident Move Out checklist:

  • Complete online maintenance requests at least two weeks prior to Check-Out to have problems in your room fixed.
  • Inform your Resident Adviser of your confirmed departure date / time.
  • Pack and remove all personal belongings from your room: double check drawers, closets, and corners carefully *Heads up: Stuff left behind will be tossed and you’ll get charged…Bummer! Don’t worry though Collegiate can make this a snap! All you have to do is pack up your stuff and we’ll pick it up and store it or ship it where ever you need! Check out our great storage and shipping packages for Columbia University!
  • Remove all trash to the assigned location.
  • Take all food, laundry detergent, dish soap, clothes, books, TV and computers to the Give and Go Green Stations
  • Clean and sweep/vacuum your room.
  • Clean and sweep/vacuum suites and common areas where applicable.
  • Remove the message board, door tags, posters and tape from your door(s) and walls.
  • Close and lock your window.
  • Close and lock your door.
  • Place your “Yes, I’m checked out!” (with QR code) sign on your RA’s door.
  • Bring your signed Check-Out envelope, with any rooms keys inside of the envelope, to the nearest Express Check-Out Box located at the security guard desks of each building, or to the Hartley Hospitality Desk.
  • If you use your Columbia University ID Card as your key, you have to return a signed Check-Out form to the Express Check-Out Box or to the Hartley Hospitality Desk.

Hope this 411 helps your move run smoothly!