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Dorm Move
  • Posted:
  • April 29, 2015

Living in a dorm can be a very fun experience. You can have all the freedom that you want, and it is a time in your life when you can make a lot of memories that are enough to last a lifetime. However, there are some challenges that go along with this type of living as well. For one, living in a smaller space, most often together with a roommate, may be extremely challenging and at the same time fairly interesting. Another very crucial moment in your life as a student is when you need to move out of your dorm, whether temporarily or permanently.

It is very important to make sure that everything that you have while living in a dorm are properly kept and packed before leaving. If you feel that you have a lot to bring home with you, do not worry since there are reliable college shipping services that you can avail of.

Dormitory Room Move In

When you are living in a dorm, you need to bring along with you your personal bedding. Most of the dorms have single beds. The style is typically the long style one. Therefore, it would be helpful if you search for sheets that are particularly designed for this type of bed. You may also want to bring along with you some blankets, and even comforters for chilly and cooler months.

If your college is located in a place where it is cooler, preparing, an electric blanket can be a good idea. After all, you cannot really expect the situation and the comfort level of the room that you will be bringing with you.

Dormitory Room Move Out

Now, the time for you to move out has finally arrived. There are several reasons why you would move out; either you will transfer to another dorm, you will temporarily leave for the vacation period or leaving permanently after graduation. Regardless of the reason, packing all your belongings would surely take some effort.

All of the things mentioned above – the ones that you brought with you during move in through college shipping services, as well as ones that you have acquired while studying, should be brought out with you. There are things that you might want to dispose, give to others, throw away, or even donate. Make sure that you create a checklist of the things that you still want to keep and those you do not. If you are only moving out temporarily, you can also avail of summer storage solution in order to make sure that valuables are protected while you are away.