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Dormcation—What to Do in NYC if You Are Staying for Spring Break
  • Posted:
  • March 17, 2015

Making plans for spring break can cost a lot of money and time that most college students do not have. This leads to a “dormcation”: where students stay in their dorms during spring break. However, staying in can get a bit boring with all of your friends gone and on cool vacations around the world. What can you do to pass the time waiting for them to get back? There are several options; clubbing, working and studying. You could also figure out how to improve your dorm room space.

Many dorm rooms have space that is going to waste, and that is not something that should happen, because dorm rooms are already so small. You will want to be able to make as much space available as possible. Stop putting it off; spring break is the time and place to do this! Not only will you feel accomplished, you can also say that you have completed your spring cleaning. Finding a summer storage solution is a good idea for your dorm.

Tools to Assist Your Organization

Bins and containers can be used to store all of those things that are strewn out across the floor of a dorm or packed on every available surface. This will make your dorm more organized, and provide a sense of spaciousness that you will not get with stuff all over the place. Our company provides the perfect way to organize and store your things, making the perfect summer storage solution. Also, we provide these organization tools at minimal cost to you.

You may see fridges in your friends’ rooms. These are actually quite nifty and allow you to store all of your food in one place. Our company provides fridge loans to college students in the NYC metro area, making this exceptionally easy for you to store all of your perishable food. Also, you won’t find random bananas and apples lying around your room because they will all be stored in your fridge. Our college shipping deals make it able for you to get these fridges exceptionally easily.

Lastly, you will want to invest in a laundry hamper. Everyone has been in that room with clothes lying all over the floor in various piles. Not only does it look messy, it can also be hazardous and cause your clothes to become ruined. Tripping over clothes in the middle of the night while trying to get to the bathroom is never fun, and neither is finding little holes in your shirts from moths that have found your clothes tasty. Investing in a summer storage solution will save you a lot of money.