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Essential Tips for Your Fall Semester
  • Posted:
  • July 15, 2016

The fall semester is upon us! It’s time to focus on your studies and work towards those A’s! Here are a few tips to ensure you have a successful semester.


  1. Make a time schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)
  2. Get off to a fast start — get right to work when you start to study. Decide what you want to accomplish and organize how you will do it
  3. Work to finish rather than to put in time
  4. Make lists and set priorities
  5. Break big jobs into parts
  6. Make good use of your best time — discover the times of day when you are most alert, feel motivated, and concentrate best. Do your most difficult or most important studying at those times
  7. Make good use of class time — spend class time listening to the professor, writing notes, jotting down your own ideas, and asking questions
  8. Make good use of odds & ends of time — use small amounts of time during the day for small jobs or to get started on larger assignments
  9. Make good use of study time — study during the time you have designated for study so that you will protect your free time
  10. Set deadlines and rewards for reaching them
  11. Make time for memorizing, thinking, and review


  1. Be Active Mentally – Don’t allow yourself to daydream. It’s easy to let your mind wander off – don’t let it happen. Remember communication depends on both a giver and a receiver. Your active interest in the lecture (eye contact, intention to listen, non-verbal responses) will not only help you to concentrate, but it will encourage the lecturer to give a more interesting lecture and thus make it easier to pay attention and take notes.
  2. Mechanics of Note-Taking – Develop some type of organization to show the main idea and supporting details or examples. Date and label all notes. Number the pages. Write on one side of the paper; use the other side to reorganize, summarize, make questions, etc. Write short phrases, and use abbreviations whenever possible. Don’t try to write down every word that the lecturer says.