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Going Home For Summer
  • Posted:
  • June 22, 2015


The summer break has started, and students are now ready to head back home. College students usually gather lots of stuff during their stay in school. This includes things like fridges, printers, televisions, furniture, clothes and microwaves among many others. For most students, getting summer storage is vital for ensuring they have a secure and safe place to put their belongings when they are not in school during the summer period. Here are some great tips to help you with effectively store your belongings for the summer.

The first step is obviously renting summer storage space, you have to choose the best of option designed for college students specifically. This is very important as you really want a customized solution that understands that you are going to be back to school within a few months. Choosing a summer storage option specifically for students also ensures that you will save up on money instead of just choosing general options.

Summer has its own unique challenges when looking for shipping your belongings to summer school or just simple summer storage. This is usually the busiest period for most moving companies and storage facilities. This is because summer is quite hot, and this is not when you would want to cram up your things in a very small space. Hence, ensure that the storage option you go for is spacious enough to fit your precious belongings.

The great part about storing with Collegiate is that our storing units are cooled during the summer months. This is particularly important because when storing things like fur or leather clothing, wood furniture, electronics or photographs, the high humidity and extreme summer heat can cause mold, rust, decay and mildew problems. When you use cooled and heated storage options as a college student, you ensure that you will find your belongings in the same state when it is time to get back to school.

Ensure that everything is dry and clean before storing it. When you store damp items, you are contributing to moisturizing the storage environment, which can damage your belongings. While most college students skip washing before summer storage, this is an important part of the process. Dirt, perfumes, stains or oils found on unclean clothes will likely attract various pest infestations, particularly in the high temperatures of summer.

Finally, ensure that you have packed everything adequately before moving them to our summer storage facility, avoid placing plastic against plastic directly as this may cause moisture to start building up.