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Protect Your Goods: How to Pack to Move Out of Your Dorm
  • Posted:
  • January 17, 2014

The most common error made in packing is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container. When this happens, shocks received on the outside of the carton can pass through to the contents, causing damage. You should consider the following suggestions when packing your boxes for shipping and storage:

  • Use the original boxes to pack computers and other electronics. They are the correct size and the original packing materials, if kept, will help ensure the safety of the contents.
  • Use bubble wrap, towels, blankets, newspaper, or clothes to pack fragile items such as picture frames, mugs, alarm clocks, etc.
  • Make certain that items in the boxes are secure enough so that they cannot move around inside.
  • Use clothing, towels, blankets, or crumpled newspaper to fill open spaces.

Watch What You Pack

When preparing to move out of your dorm, there are some things you should not ship or store with a storage company, typically because they don’t insure against loss or damage for those types of items. They typically include:

  • Jewelry, coins, cash, and collectables – leave your buffalo nickel collection at Mom & Dad’s
  • Items of intangible value – think a photo album from your childhood, your favorite blankly
  • Extremely fragile items – mirrors, glass, mobiles
  • Improperly packed items, including furniture that is not adequately wrapped

Distribute the Weight

To avoid over-stressing the boxes, it is a good idea to separate your heavy items into multiple

boxes. This will prevent breaking boxes and breaking. It is just a cardboard box after all. Please note weight limitations per box since each box size has a different capacity and weight guidelines.

So keeping that in mind…

  • Don’t put all of your books in the same box.
  • Mix books with lighter items such as sweaters and bedding. This is also a good way to keep your books in good condition.
  • It is also a good idea to place the heavier objects as close to the center of the box as possible to minimize the risk of breaking the box.
  • Boxes weighing in excess of the programs we set up will cost you extra.

Thoughtful packing will reduce the risk of damage and save you money!