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Make Studying Abroad Part of Your Bucket List (Pt. 2)!
  • Posted:
  • November 29, 2014

Aside from gaining an education, making new friends and learning life lessons, studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences you can ever encounter while in College. With so many places offering study abroad programs, the possibilities are endless! If you are considering to study abroad sometime during your college career, we recommend a few tips:

Tip #1- Know the currency exchange and budget you’re spending as best as you can. It would also be a great idea to talk to your credit card company and warn them you will be out of the country for a while to avoid any holds on your account.

Tip #2- Avoid any ridiculous international cell phone charges! There are a few options you have to avoid those charges: you can get an international plan through your carrier, buy a SIM card at your destination, rent or buy a cell phone at your destination or you can stick to just using WIFI when you have it available at café’s, hostels, school, etc.

Tip #3- Three easy how to’s: how to read a map, how to tell military time and how to read temperature in Celsius. Most places in Europe go by Celsius and military time, so it would be handy to know this and because you most likely won’t have service over there you can’t use Google Maps. You’re going to have to learn how to get around using a good old fashioned map and maybe asking around (hence, another great reason to learn the language!)

Tip #4- Packing: While keeping in mind of the weather, try your best to pack basic clothing. You’ll want to blend in as much as possible. Remember: Pickpockets love tourists, so don’t let them know you are one!

Tip #5- Don’t forget any last minute, yet important items such as: your passport, student visa, electronic converter, umbrella, etc. But most importantly don’t forget to HAVE FUN! Studying abroad is a chance of a lifetime for some, take it all in and enjoy every moment of it!

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