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NYU Summer Storage Tips
  • Posted:
  • April 21, 2014

NYU students! Your last day of classes is May 12, 2014, with all the stress of finals have you even had time to think about what you’re going to do with your stuff during the summer? Don’t sweat, we have you covered! Here are your “Do’s & Don’ts” for NYU Summer Storage to help you get your stuff packed and stored for the summer so you can enjoy yourself with friends and family!

Step 1: DON’T be a hoarder! If you haven’t used it in the past year, then you probably don’t need it! Grab a trash bag and get rid of all the “trash” you don’t need: old receipts, paperwork, take-out boxes, and all those fortunes from the fortune cookies you ate this semester…yea, you don’t need those!

Step 2: DO donate! What should you do with all the stuff that isn’t trash but you don’t need either? Donate it! There are plenty of people who could use all your old stuff – and to them it’ll seem brand new! Things to donate: clothes, shoes, books, electronics, furniture, art supplies, eye glasses, bedding, old cell phones. Try NYC Service to find where you can donate to places in the NYC area.

Step 3: DO pack important stuff you’ll need for next semester. Make sure you pack up everything you’re going to use for next semester: school gear, books and school supplies, bedding and linens, store your winter gear (if you’re going to be in a warmer climate this summer) – our storage bins are perfect for your big, bulky winter coats and sweaters that are necessary in NY but not so much in LA in June and July!

Step 4: DON’T pack what you do need for summer (or make accessible). Put the things you need either on top of the box for easy access or in separate boxes. Your summer clothes, personal hygiene items, any leftover food you want to take, etc. would be things that you wouldn’t want to pack for summer storage.

The summer is only 30 days away! Last tip: DON’T be a procrastinator, NYU students! Get it done now with Collegiate Summer Storage and enjoy your summer – stress free!


NYU Photo Credit: Cincin12