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Save Money & Time With Your New Micro Fridge
  • Posted:
  • September 14, 2015

Tired of running up and downstairs to the cafeteria or vending machines for a snack? It’s not too late to rent a micro fridge from us! By having your own micro fridge, you will be able to save time during study breaks by grabbing a quick delicious snack from your very own room and get right back on track. No more having to walk all over campus for a snack, no more wasting extra money and no more wasting time during study breaks.

Save money and keep your groceries fresh by renting from one of our top quality micro fridge options. We offer four types of micro-fridges, which are not only safe and reliable but also all energy efficient and compatible for dorm room standards.

The Compact Refrigerator Cube– A space saving, decent sized refrigerator allowing room for your favorite drinks and snacks right in your access.

Large Refrigerator–Offers a small freezer compartment along with a larger refrigerator, this unit is perfect for students on a limited meal plan.

The Refrigerator Freezer–This unit includes two separate units – each with it’s own set of controls. Although this unit is bigger and more spacious, it still fits neatly into any dorm room.

The MicroChill (Sold out)–This 3-in-1 unit makes eating easy and economical with a combination of a freezer, refrigerator and microwave. This is also our only unit available for purchase!

To get your micro fridge for the semester click here!