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Study Groups
  • Posted:
  • May 6, 2015

Finals are just around the corner which means that you should probably get to studying. But who says you have to do it alone? Study groups are one of the most effective and most enjoyable ways to get studying done!

You can really benefit a lot from studying in a group vs studying alone. When you’re alone you are more tempted to get distracted, but believe it or not, you won’t be as distracted as you think in a group. When working with group there are higher chances of brainstorming and the motivation of others will increase your motivation to get things done (or vise versa).

In order to form the most effective study group, keep in mind that it isn’t a “group hang out”. You are actually going to study, so try and keep it small. You want enough people to pass ideas around but not enough to fill a whole classroom! A study group with about 2-8 people is a good amount.

Here are a few benefits of studying in a group:

  • Prevents Procrastination
  • Gain New Perspectives From Peers
  • Encouragement
  • Makes Studying Fun
  • Compare Notes
  • Gain New Study Habits
  • Chance to Make New Friends

Don’t forget as important as studying is, it’s also important to take small breaks every now and then. Take a short walk, grab lunch or just talk about something else to clear your mind of over stress! The plus side about having a study group is that your friends will already be around to accompany you on your break! Or if you need a small break to yourself, you have that option as well!¬†Grab a couple of classmates and form together your study group before finals come around!

Good Luck Students!